September 25th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 27 September 2019

Liz's helping is incomplete and wrong and makes work for Elly because reasons.

(Original Publication Date, 28 September 1990)

Panel 1: We're once again reminded of how little faith Lynn has in her readers when she feels as if she's forced to litter the panel with the words BRUSH-BRUSH-BRUSH so the dummies and mouthbreathers will know Liz is brushing Farley's coat.

Panel 2: We get more of the same, only the lenses to Liz's glasses have become opaque.

Panel 3: The human-like smile on his face suggests that Farley is starting to get into this now.

Panel 4: Having finished brushing Farley, Liz reminds us that she lacks common sense when she leaves a pile of hair for Elly to sweep up and tells Mommy to ask if there's anything else she needs done.

Summary: Strips wherein Liz's lack of brainpower is 'proof' that she's an evil monster who wants to destroy Elly remind me a whole heck of a lot of Ray Billingsley's Curtis. Reason: the premise is that Satan has made the boy with the surgically attached hat a drooling simpleton who's too stupid to get out of trouble's way. A sane person would frown or roll her eyes for a second, thank Liz but tell her she ain't done and move on. Elly's next move is whoop like one of the air raid sirens Diefenbaker put up that they were just tearing down when this was first published and call Liz a horrible, selfish monster no one should love.....only to promptly forget she's done so five seconds later and spend her days wondering WHY her children fear and distrust her.

(And speaking of drooling simpleton parents, check out tomorrow's strip......)