September 18th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 20 September 2019

We get a foreshadowing of the asshole emotional absentee dad Mike becomes when he thinks that the optimal outcome of Elly's pregnancy is one in which his life is not affected in the least.

(Original Publication Date, 21 September 1990)

Panel 1: Liz interrupts Mike's sulking about having to be teased by four irrelevances to talk about how great having a new baby is. He dunno about that because of a rather obvious reason.

Panel 2: She can't wait to see what happens and wonders if the new baby will be a girl. Mike surprises (just) her by hoping it's a girl too.

Panel 3: Remembering that Mike has spent the most of her life cowering behind the fact that she herself is a girl as an excuse to avoid admitting that he's a noxious little piece of crap that hates sharing because he's not fit to live, she asks for confirmation and gets it.

Panel 4: We set up next week's arc by having the sullen creephead say if it's a girl, he won't have to share his room.

Summary: This, I think, is why Liz spends the rest of her life being irrationally jealous of April: Mike ruined things being his own worthless self. Said self is a godless moron who doesn't want to admit that feelings he can't feel are real because it subtracts from him somehow.