September 10th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Elly faints in theatrical panic because Doctor Sphincter tells her something that she does not want to hear: "being thirty-nine is no barrier to getting pregnant, one has to wait until menopause happens for that to stop being a possibility, PUT DOWN THAT IV STAND!!!!"

(Original Publication Date, 13 October 1990)

Panel 1: A while later, we find Super Naked Elly in the exam room telling Doctor S that she doesn't know what's wrong. She's feeling sick in the morning and she's tired all the time. The reason Elly is in the raw is, as John Jamele says, quite simple: Lynn feels naked when she can't bullshit or bully her way through a situation so her avatar is au naturel.

Panel 2: When she thinks that it could be a bug of some kind, the doctor says that he'll run a few routine tests and see what they can find.

Panel 3: Having remembered that this is how she felt when she was told she was carrying both Mike and Liz and also remembering what Monique said, she gets all smiley as she asks if there's a chance she's pregnant at HER age. He sets up the joke he saying that there's a faint possibility.

Panel 4: Since Elly thinks that having a child now would ruin EVERYTHING, she faints. I mean, you can understand that, right? All she did was claw and roar at John and hurl heavy objects at him while he recited love poetry and ducked a lot. That doesn't mean that the mating ritual took, does it?

Summary: This, I should think, is what got Elly into trouble in the first place: she does not know how the reproductive system Connie lovingly compared to an engine works. She was counting on being too old to be a mother but she wasn't old enough yet for that to no longer be a possibility.