September 9th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Elly compares the receptionist telling her "These things happen, sit down and wait your turn like everyone else" to a recording on the phone.

(Original Publication Date, 12 September 1990)

Panel 1: Having waited quite long enough, Elly tells the receptionist (who I'll call Marcia) that her appointment was for 10 and now it's 10:45. The woman tells her that they're a bit behind schedule today.

Most people would take this to mean what it actually does: "Doctor S has no control over how sick or messed up the preceeding patients are so kindly have patience." Elly takes it to mean "Your time is not important to us."

Panel 2: Elly explains that she has a job and would like to get back to work. She then reminds us that she has no idea how doctor's appointments work by saying that she'd known she'd be this late, she'd have come in later.

Panel 3: Marcia avoids getting her head bitten clean off by telling Elly to take a seat because the doctor will be with her in a moment. If she'd told her that they'd charge Elly a fee for a missed appointment, her neck would be a bloody stump by now.

Panel 4: Having sat down, she tells the woman next to her that she tried getting through to him but all she got was a recording.

Summary: At the time this was written, the UK used to air a public information film (British English for 'public service announcement') about wait times that hammered people over the head about how doctors have no control over what patient's needs are so sit down and shut yer gob, you dozy prat!! Elly needs to see that one.