September 7th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 9 September 2019

When told about the doctor's appointment, John reacts in horror to Elly's repeating the great big joke about her having another child....but not for the reason one might actually expect. (Or, perhaps, exactly for the reason one might expect.)

(Original Publication Date, 10 September 1990)

Panel 1: Having noticed that Elly is sitting down and relaxing for once, John asks "Not going to Work this morning?"; Elly tells him about her doctor's appointment with destiny and chaos and being tied down THIS IS AWFUL at ten this morning.

Panel 2: When he asks what's wrong, she blanks out on telling him about her feeling like crud in the morning and says she's fine, she just thought she needed a check up, that's all.

Panel 3: She then lays in on really thick about how hysterically funny it is that the girls at the library think that she could be pregnant.

Panel 4: His response to that funny, funny thing is to look as if he's just borne witness to an eighty-car pileup with multiple fatalities.

Summary: A casual reader might think that John never wanted the kids he has. A more involved reader would think his reaction is "Holy Mother Of Crap! She's finally started to stop baying at the moon about how Mike and Liz are tying her down and eating her self-expression!! I might want the kid but I don't want fifteen years or so of her screaming about being enslaved!!!"