September 5th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 7 September 2019

We end the week with a lead-in to a great sea change in the strip. a fellow librarian's chirpy observation that maybe Elly's malaise is due to morning sickness and Elly's inability to process anything that might lead to her "brilliant career" being derailed ushers in the better part of eighteen years of beefing about lost opportunities and blighted potential.

Panel 1: A few days later, we find Elly at work looking like she's kind of sick. Sue comments on this and asks her what might be wrong with her.

Panel 2: Elly tells Sue that she has no idea. When she says that all she knows is that she's been feeling poorly in the morning for the last three weeks, a dark-haired clone of Monique whose name was probably Wilma until her signature showed up on Elly's pink slip (when it became Nilda) joins the conversation by asking "Really?"

Panel 3: The three of them spitball ideas as to why Elly feels like crud. Elly thinks it might be the flu. No One Is Named Nilda says it might be overwork. Sue suggests that it could be stress.

Panel 4: When NOINN jokingly states that she could be pregnant, the very thought of being tied down again causes Elly to look as if she'd been trod on by a herd of elephants.

Summary: As I said yesterday, Elly has a lot invested in the idea of being 'free' and is going to hate anything that 'shackles' her to the house she ended up retreating to anyway because the real world is scary and filled with boring details. Ingrate. April saved her from having to blame herself for her problems!!