August 30th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 1 September 2019

We end the summer strips with Elly being blindsided by the fact that no amount of lecturing can make Farley feel bad about what he does.

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching Farley sitting on a grassy knoll as the lawn mower is being used off panel.

Panel 2: When Mike passes by him, the noise startles Farley so much, he has a human-looking grimace on his face.

Panel 3: When Mike goes away, we see that Farley has gone back where he was.

Panel 4: We next see a barefoot Elizabeth raking up the clippings. The strip writes itself at this point because as everyone who isn't Elly can predict, grass clippings adhere to things owing to their high moisture content.

Panel 5: When she heads back into the house, we remind ourselves that Elly has yet again forgotten that grass clippings stick to people's feet and has failed to take steps to prevent them from being tracked in. This is because we see her yelling at Liz for doing something she herself could easily have prevented but didn't because foresight and effort are asking too much of her.

Panel 6: We repeat this mistake with Mike when he tracks in clippings because there's no mat to put shoes on or to wipe feet on. Elly's reaction is yet again to be horrified by something she could have nipped in the bud.

Panel 7: She lectures the kids about the mess they make and remind me of why they don't like to help a volatile pea-brain who wails about daggers being twisted into mothers' hearts by monsters when they drop the ball like idiots.

Panel 8: The children smile in glee when Farley shakes far more clippings on to a hallway that would maybe take ten seconds to sweep even with what he just did because Elly, having never learned that Farley can't speak or understand English, is horrified that for some reason that she doesn't understand, Farley never learns anything from her little talks.

Summary: This makes Friday's strip especially ludicrous. How can Elly regain sanity she never had in the first place? Mike coming home at dawn after what was supposed to be an hour on the lake? Fine because she doesn't have to clean up after him or know where he is. Grass clippings that take no time to sweep up? Her suffering knows no bounds!!