August 29th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Lynn's leading export is cute toddler strips: OFFICIAL.

Judging from the response to the "What would Elly blame her failures on if April hadn't come along?" thread, it seems to me that if the Martian hadn't come into Elly's life, she would have had to invent her...mostly so that Lynn could keep drawing the 'cute' (actually nauseating and demeaning) toddler strips that she thinks that are required of her as part of her contract. Somehow, there is going to be a child for Elly to bounce off of and if she doesn't give birth to her, what then? Would we do more flashbacks to the Early Years that contradict what we saw, would Leah finally become prominent or would something else happen?

Saturday, 31 August 2019

(Originally published September 1, 1990)
The second of two epilogues to our dramatic tale of boating involves more of Mike's imagining of things that did not happen
on the “boat ride.”

Panel 1:
Elizabeth sees Mike lying on the couch fingering a book and with the kind of expression that says, “My nose is on crooked.  Please help me fix my nose.”  In the thought balloon we see Michael and Martha marching together with elongated arms and holding hands as Martha wears a very revealing bathing suit bottom and appears to have one of those Joker smiles.  The M-birds are in the air and they are walking on some sort of wavy line substance that flows from between two distant mountains.   What is it with Michael and marching with Martha.  You might think he believes her name is “Marcha”. 

Panel 2:
Elizabeth points a deformed hand at Michael as Michael is actually looking up at the image in his thought balloon.  He is imagining kissing Martha and they both have their eyes closed, which is good because it looks like Martha is holding a smell screwdriver in her left hand.   Imaginary Martha might be getting ready to murder imaginary Michael. 

Panel 3:
I think Lynn Johnston was trying to draw Michael as if he was imagining holding Martha in his arms and kissing her, but his hands are a little low and that looks more like muppet mouth than kissy mouth.  We get another one of those crotch shots we got yesterday.  Thanks for that Lynn.  Michael thinks the straight line, “Nothing can snap me back into the harsh world of reality.”

Panel 4:
Elizabeth snaps him back into the harsh world of reality by saying, “School starts next week!!”  Oh no!  School!  How will Michael ever think about Martha while he is at school, where Martha will be 5 days of the week the same time Mike is at school?  It seems like an impossible task for poor Michael and his imagination.  If not Michael, it certainly is an impossible task for Lynn Johnston who does not show Michael with Martha at school during the regular school hours for another 2 years.  In fact, Martha’s next storyline involves Michael writing a letter to Martha, which he will send through the mail.  It is as if Lynn has forgotten they go to the same school.

It will awhile before we see Martha again and so now it is time to hand this back to dreadedcandiru2