August 24th, 2019


Monday, 26 August 2019

(Originally published August 27, 1990)
The McRae family starts to act like they are serious, but they change their mind in order to show they don’t understand anything about sailing.

Panel 1:
A great emotional hue and cry is put forth by someone?   It appears to be a little tiny figure on the boat in silhouette at a long distance.  It carries all the emotional punch of a little tiny figure on the boat in silhouette at a long distance

Panel 2:
Colourist issues here.  Michael’s pants are now brown.  Fill in your favourite brown pants joke.

Panel 3:
Brother Stan apparently has found a sofa chair to sit on while he was also changing his pants to brown.  In addition, he is the one in charge of setting up the lame final joke.  They need a really big wind.  I wonder where this is going to go.

Panel 4:
Well, at least it’s not a fart joke.

Suddenly Martha has turned 4 years old.  Michael is in silhouette either in front of or behind the blanket.  I am not sure which one and I am not sure it matters that I am not sure.

There is nothing like easing the tension of an intense situation by making fun of the father character.  This has been a Lynn Johnston staple for years and for once, it is not John Patterson as the butt of the joke.