August 19th, 2019


Wednesday, 21 August 2019

(Originally published August 22, 1990)
Michael thinks he is a good diver, but we will never know because he is terrible at picking out swim trunks.

Panel 1:
Is that a hot dog I see father Fred cooking?  I wonder if we are getting a little early symbolism based on the comment coming in the final panel.

Mike has noticed that everyone has been watching him.  He thinks it is because he has pretty good style.  Oh, Mike.  You hold your nose when you hit the water as we saw yesterday.  No one thinks you have pretty good style.  They think you swim like a little kid, who doesn’t know how to swim.

Panel 2:
When you dive you go to the toes in order to push off the structure. Michael here goes to his toes without any separation from the boat.  He appears to be leaning over to dive.  This is that much more amusing when Michael continues to think he is getting attention because they think he is an expert. 

Panel 3:
Someone yells at Mike mid-dive.  I suspect it’s not Martha, but it would be funnier if it was.

Panel 4:
Yes, Mike.  Everyone has been looking at your dinghy.  That’s why they have been watching you.  At least the comment wasn’t from Martha’s mother saying, “Oh, Martha.  You can’t date a boy with a dinghy that size.  What happened to that nice Lawrence boy you were seeing?  That boy had a good-sized dinghy.”

While the see through nature of Michael’s swimsuit is amusing, there are actually men’s swimsuits that are intentionally made to be see through.  I doubt Mike intentionally picked up one of those, which raises the question of why Elly got one of those for Michael and why they did not notice it earlier as in just this past Sunday when the family went swimming.  It does seem like the thing that once noticed and laughed at, would never get worn again.  In other words, in order for this joke to work, this has to be the first time Mike has worn this swimsuit in front of people.