August 11th, 2019


Tuesday, 13 August 2019

(Originally published August 14, 1990)

And now for another episode of “Things Lynn Johnston thinks teenage boys do that they never actually do.”

Panel 1:

Elly loads paper into her typewriter wrong.  She has one hand on the paper and the other hand on the keys.  No, Elly.  You put the end of the paper in the roller and then you turn the roller with your other hand in order to get the paper around the roller and where the typewriter can type on it.  If you are going to continue to use a typewriter in the 1990s, you should get it right.  The old people who read your comic strip (Ahem!  Me!) know how typewriters work.

The point of this comic strip is the long list of things Michael says he is going to be doing outside.   These seem to be drawn from the long list of things that Michael only does when he is forced to do them.  In this panel, it is raking the lawn.

Panel 2:
In this panel, he is going to read a magazine on the porch.  Actually I think he has done that one before without being forced.

Panel 3:
In this panel, he is going to wipe off the car.

Panel 4:
In this panel, he tosses a ball in the air while holding onto a tennis racket.  I suspect that Michael may not be aware that he can bounce the ball off the tennis racket. This is as close as we get to a Patterson playing tennis, aside from this comic strip coming up in 3 years featuring a racquet ball, which also has a clear indication that Pattersons do not understand the first thing about racquet sports.

Another joke that does not work at all within the continuity of the comic strip.  You have to forget that Michael and Martha have been dating for months and never once did Michael ever tell Elly where he was going to be before he went out with Martha.  She discovered they were dating by accident and she still didn’t care.  So now, Elly comes to the conclusion that Michael is attempting to look cool waiting for his date to pick him up?  No, Elly.  If there is anything Michael is nervous about, it is meeting Martha’s parents for the first time.