August 5th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Today, we get Mike delivering a big, pompous lecture about how he cannot be made to be a bad employee because he is answerable for losses. Tomorrow, howtheduck tells you that Dave is not cute enough to bend the rules for.

Panel 1: Dave tries pulling the bog-standard "Since I couldn't be bothered keeping track of inventory like a regular person, it stands to reason that Mike shouldn't care if he gives stuff away because Walt ain't gonna know the difference" crap that stupid people who get caught trying to shoplift always pull. Mike looks like he's starting to buy it.

Panel 2: Since Mike doesn't just let him walk off with a free hot dog on the spot (so he can get canned because Walt has someone watching his kids), he switches to whining that since he's his friend, Mike should have no problem giving him something away for free. Mike would have no problem with his if the thing actually belonged to him but....

Panel 3: Dave continues to prove that he'd have a great future in politics by saying that since Mike would end up having to throw away all the stuff he can't sell, he should give it away for free instead of trashing it. Mike starts to set up the stupid punchline by claiming that he and not Walt is the one doing the chucking and expecting the money count to match the hot dog count like on the television adaptation.

Panel 4: Since Mike remembers that John is breathing down his neck all the time about being lazy and since he can't picture himself marching on a moonlit lake shore with Dave, he says to pay up because he'd rather trash food than his credibility.

Summary: The television adaptation more or less seems to have adapted Martha out entirely. That's a good thing, I think. Anyhow, from tomorrow until Mike reveals that he is unaware that Martha's family is like his own, howtheduck will be setting up the headers for the Super-Annoying "Mike feels as if meeting HER family is horrible because like my mother, I am too stupid to understand what Martha is trying to do" arc.