August 4th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Mike becomes overconscientious when some rando in a rattail says he'll pay him later because he's tap city right now. This is about to become amusing.

Panel 1: We continue on with a mutant in a rattail named Dave trying to eat a footlong without paying for it. When Mike calls him on it, Dave tells him to put in on his tab.

Panel 2: Since we're about to see a rather stupid joke Thursday, Mike suddenly becomes the focus of a 'joke' about how come he isn't super-conscientious to parents who treat him like a shit-heel all the damn time when he says he can't do that and Dave owes him three bucks. Dave says that he can't do that because he's kind of low on cash.

Panel 3: Mike says that if Dave don't pay up, he can charge him for theft. Dave laughs that off because it's just a lousy three-buck hotdog. I laugh at Dave because this world ain't no hippie commune.

Panel 4: When Mike says that he wants to know what he'd call getting something without paying for it, Dave says "A gift for a friend."

Summary: As I said, in the television series, Dave (or a stand-in for Dave who I think was Brad actually) was the catalyst for the "Walt is really kind of suffering actually because he has a lot of overhead" Aesop that makes TV Michael form the mental image of a small businessman nailed to a cross made of frankfurters. Here, he's the set-up for "Mike IS willing to bend the rules if he can imagine sticking his hand down the person's blouse" joke.