July 31st, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 2 August 2019

We come to the last thing I've held back talking about when Liz's talking about the magic bed that keeps her safe from the evils of the world reminds us that when under stress, she seeks to escape from a problem instead of confronting it.

Panel 1: Later that evening, we find Liz lying on top of the covers as she thought-bubbles that her bed is a magic bed. If she closes her eyes, she can make a wish and fly away.

Panel 2: We see her imagining her bed floating through the clouds as she tells us that it takes her up and away to beautiful places where she doesn't have to think or worry about anything.

Said beautiful places probably don't have insane monster idiot older brothers willing to kill her for nothing or rock colossi of martyrdom mothers around.

Panel 3: An image of her bed flying through Sweet Apple Acres is captioned "It takes me over green fields, through pink and purple clouds and past rainbows and waterfalls. I roll up in my blankets and feel safe and warm."

Also, free from having to worry about how Elly still resents that fucking pottery bird she stupidly left where inexpert hands could reach it.

Panel 4: Her bed is a magic bed she hopes she never outgrows.

Summary: This is rather depressing owing to the fact that what she wants to be safe from is a screaming nitwit bellowing about buying eyeglasses in bulk. I am put in mind of the island in her mind wherein she can block not nice people and think that Elly is not welcome there.