July 27th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 29 July 2019

We begin the second week of the arc with the second theme I've held in reserve: Elly's belief that no one listens to her gets in her way of sympathizing with people who inconvenience her.

Panel 1: We begin the week with the angry freakout Liz saw coming when Elly loses her shit because she lost her glasses.

Panel 2: Everyone ever knows that after the fact, Elly will bolt over to Connie to whine "Poor ME!! No one ever listens to me!! Why does no one ever listen to ME?" because she rants about how she told Liz to put them in their case, put the case in a knapsack and put the knapsack in a safe place.

As howtheduck said, these are a lot of instructions for a kid as unfocused as Liz is to remember. A simple sentence ("Put your glasses in the case in your knapsack") would be easier to remember and harder to get wrong but given Elly's inability to understand children, she sets Liz up to fail by telling her something she's bound to either make a hash of or just plain forget because she's too busy having fun.

Panel 3: We continue on with John Jamele being sadly right about how Elly will remember this as "that day Liz lost her glasses because she thinks that I'm this big idiot who she shouldn't listen to" when she rants angrily at a crying child about how Liz never LISTENS and asks her why she thinks people have ears.

Hearing Elly has never been a problem because despite her clear belief otherwise, she's not this meek little wifey whose voice is a tentative whisper but is instead a size forty foghorn who yells at the top of her lungs. Understanding the contradictory torrent of consciousness spouted at brain-splitting volume levels is the real problem.

Panel 4: When Liz asks "To hold up their glasses?", Elly is, as always, gobsmacked.

Summary: As John Jamele said, what probably happened is that Liz simply forgot what Elly told her. She wanted to remember but kids forget things. They get things mixed up in their heads. It's a fact of life and not part of some stupid plot that only exists in the feeble mind of an always-angry idiot looking for an excuse to feel bad.