July 16th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 18 July 2019

For some reason, sailboarding freaked John out so badly that he's stiff for days afterwards.

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching John driving to work. For some reason, his face is a mask of blind terror and his arms have lost their ability to bend. Judging from his expression, one would be forgiven for speculating that the person he's driving past is asking himself "Do I smell soiled baby diaper?"

Panel 2: As he scrubs up to work on a patient, he's still in freak-out mode.

Panel 3: Jean is vaguely upset because his being a cartoon character in a cartoon freak-out gets in the way of his working on his patient properly.

Panel 4: As he walks by, Jean whispers "He tried sailboarding last night" to Helene the receptionist.

Summary: A nasty, unscrupulous person would edit that to "Had sex with Elly last night" because he'd find it more amusing than having to watch a pasty-faced dolt not being able to handle something that he didn't realize he wouldn't be good at.
Snarky Candiru2

Things Lynn doesn't realize that you already know about FBorFW, Part Two

The latest feature in the anniversary celebration is the second part of the new, extended FAQ file. As it was beforehand, Lynn doesn't realize or admit to herself that people can do something not to her tastes and look things up.

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Personal Observations:

1) Lynn finally confirms a hunch I've had for a while when she says that if a plot-line would bore her, it would bore the readership. Said hunch is that her idea of empathy is thinking that everyone thinks like her.

2) She appears almost to be using Lee Salem as a human shield in order to protect herself from blame for questionable decisions.

3) Once again, we're reminded of how competitive and graceless Charles Schulz could be when he felt threatened. As his own bio alludes to, brutal and unforgiving competition is all he knew growing up. That's why coming in second at a competition is held to be a disgrace by the flint-hearted German American children Charlie Brown hangs out with.

4) Again, it still bothers me that the first person that Sparky The Human Bomb blamed what happened to April on is April. It doesn't surprise me though. The full version of the quote mentions John and Elly as almost an afterthought because it would never occur to a pissed-off old goat like him that bad things happen to people who didn't deserve them.

5) There seems to be no realization on Lynn's part that the way she represented Shan....non's dialogue was in any way shape or form distracting or that April's concern for her well-being was contingent on hating Becky and making excuses for Gerund or whatever the Hell his name was.