July 15th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

We get the first of two "Annoying Greeting Card Sentiment" incidents this week when Brian asks "If we lived in Utopia, would we know it?"

Panel 1: We find Gordon and Mike finding something to do after all: sitting under a tree with Brian complaining about life. Gordon says that the dumb thing about life is that it's never perfect. Brian agrees with this.

Panel 2: Gordon then tells us what Lynn's idea of Utopia is when he says it'd be ever neat if everything was perfect and people didn't have to deal with bad weather, iffy food, having a job and not doing whatever fool thing she wanted without having to care about how it might affect others.

Panel 3: Mike is a mouthpiece for more of her self-serving Utopia when he wishes for a world without disease, crippling self-image issues, personality conflicts and having to earn one's keep.

Panel 4: Brian pops their bubble by asking that if everything was perfect, would they actually realize it.

Summary: No, they wouldn't, Brian. Elly, as by way of example, would be the same aggrieved and petty nitwit in Utopia that she is in the real world.