July 14th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

We get the idea that only Elly is permitted to complain about life when she tells the kids "Go out and get heatstroke while I sit inside with the AC turned to 'meat locker'."

Panel 1: We find Mike and Gordon sitting on the porch on a hot July afternoon. As they swelter in the withering heat, Mike comments on how hot he is and how little he can stand it.

Panel 2: After going inside to hydrate, he makes the super-bad decision to express his concerns to his imbecile mother. Since Elly cannot and will not see the world through another person's eyes, she cannot believe it. First, they were complaining about the cold (and making buzzing noises that sounded like 'frostbite' and 'wind chill warning') and now they're complaining about the heat (and making buzzing noises that sound like 'heat alert' and 'heat stroke').

Panel 3: As she shoos them out the door, she tells them that before they know it, Summer will be gone. They should enjoy it while it lasts and find some way to enjoy this beautiful summer day.

Panel 4: As they walk down the hot-ass pavement under the blazing sun, Mike grumbles "Spoken like someone with air conditioning."

Summary: Elly impresses me as being the sort of person who used to think that snow was beautiful before she had to shovel the stuff. Also, she doesn't want to understand the concerns of those around her because it gets in the way of howling "Poor ME!!!!"