July 10th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 12 July 2019

We make a nonsense of the arc that started this mess in creaking motion when we reveal that today, Elly actually listens to Liz when she says things about Michael.

Panel 1: As she does all the actual work, Sue lays on the Elly Patterson: Indispensable Woman stuff on with a trowel when she thanks Elly for spending all day at work because they really need her. Elly replies by saying something I find damned hard to believe when she says it's hard to leave the kids.

Panel 2: As she does all the work and Elly takes all the credit, Sue displays her ignorance of who Mike and Liz are and contradicts everything we know about the characters when she says that at nine and fourteen, the kids should be old enough to left on their own from time to time. I wouldn't let the morons Elly raised out of my sight because they can't wait to do something antisocial and stupid.

Panel 3: Elly's response is to make a not actually cryptic remark about ways of finding out what's going on when we moms aren't at home.

You will notice that Elly's 'job' consists of reading one book and putting it away. This is more proof that what she is seen as is "a rich lady who can provide us things we could otherwise not afford."

Panel 4: We switch to a sort of cut scene in which Mike opens a can of soda in Farley's face to torment him only for Liz to yell that she's telling.

My personal belief is that since the whole point of arranging activities would be so that the kids aren't home together all day long, this panel should have been in "Flashback Pale Magenta."

Summary: I expect any Lynn's Comments about today's strip to be angry griping about fungus people who say "Oh, so NOW Elly listens to Elizabeth! She doesn't usually do THAT!!"