July 8th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Since Lynn had yet to decide to make Lawrence into the sap victim of her need to ruin a character in service to the horrible display of wilful and self-serving ignorance that was her distorted version of the events surrounding the death of her token gay friend, he actually means it when he joins Brian and Gordon in envying Mike for working in a place that's a magnet for pretty girls their age.

Panel 1: In the real world, Lawrence and the others would be pestering Mike for details about how they can get a piece of his action because it looks like a nifty way to make spending cash. Since Lynn looks down on people in the service industry, they laugh at him because he's been made into a member of the underclass against his will.

Panel 2: Their animal hooting is interrupted by Mike selling a couple of foot longs to pretty girls roughly their age.

Panel 3: The three of them look to be about to have a fucking hormone attack right on Main Street 'cause that's what life-threatening objects in dangerous outfits that they do so wear to steal husbands do to boys.

Panel 4: Now they ask him if Walt is hiring.

Summary: We can probably expect Lynn to remind us that the natural enemy of the suburban matron who hates her life is the pretty girl in flattering clothing. She sure ain't gonna point out that most kids actively seek out means of making a packet.