July 7th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

We get to see another reason why Mike fails at life when he regards being seen to working a job that isn't exciting or cool as humiliation without end.

Panel 1: A few days later, we find Lawrence, Brian and Gordon downtown looking at Mike from across the street. Lawrence is smug because now they can see that his story about Mike having a job is true.

Panel 2: We remind ourselves that Lynn is rather superficial when Lawrence asks the others what Mike is doing, Brian says standing around and Gordon calls it boring.

We are, of course, seeing the mental process that ensures that she thinks that a pharmacist's job consists of counting pills.

Panel 3: When Brian says that he must stand around a lot, Gord wonders what he thinks all day.

Panel 4: Since Lynn thinks that working for a boss is a humiliation without end because she isn't allowed to think her own thoughts, Mike acts like no employee ever and begs God to keep people he knows from seeing him in his state of degradation.

This is, if you'll allow my use of a metaphor that's best metaforgotten, second cousins to his belief that "understanding how other people might react to his actions" with "being manipulated by a sadist who treats him like a fool." His thought processes are self-serving, irrational and witless and he needs to be placed under the care of a stern yet compassionate guardian.

Summary: What we are looking at is Lynn's dread of humiliation marching in lockstep with her inability to understand how people would actually react to a phenomenon. She can't understand that the boys would envy Mike because she doesn't understand how the work-a-day world actually works.