July 6th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 8 July 2019

We get more self-serving teens-are-monsters yippty-bippty from Lynn about how children rebel because they wanna bust Mommy's ass when Liz says that she's saving being ONE OF THEM!!!! until she's fourteen.

Panel 1: Shortly after Mike returns from being drafted into Walt's army, he glowers at Liz because she's kind of excited about the afternoon day camp Elly signed her up for because they do water safety and papier maché and being called an evil monster who fakes tears so she can trick Elly into buying glasses in bulk to wreck and stuff. Mike grouses that he has to make hot dogs.

Panel 2: When she asks what the big deal is about that, he acts like he's the victim here when he gets upset that they didn't get to decide for themselves. John and Elly decided for them.

Since his latest decision was to turn into a raving maniac threatening bodily harm to the person he's talking to and since his refusal to decide anything because it's cruel and unfair to ask that of him led to his being given a house out of pity and frustration, I say 'No Goddamn wonder they did that, you mongrel.'

Panel 3: When Liz says that she actually likes day camp, Mike says her habit of doing everything they tell her to do is a defect she must conquer before asking why she doesn't throw a fit and yell No once in a while.

Mike's having a very strong won't (as Lynn puts it) has a lot to do with her belief that children and parents are adversaries locked in a pitiless war for supremacy.

Panel 4: She also reminds us that she thinks teenagers are Always Chaotic Evil when she has Liz say that she's saving it up until she's the age Mike is now.

The problem with that is that she doesn't get the chance to do so. She spends most of it moaning about not fitting in, not noticing Anthony and being made into a baby-sitter by a crazy bitch mother who farms out all the care-giving to stooges but still complains about having no help and no time for herself.

Summary: The irritating thing about strips like this is that I remember that there isn't really an age limit on Lynn's belief that children make noise they don't mean to make life worse for their poor mothers. She can't believe that children feel pain or fear or sadness because it gets in the way of adversarial parenting and delighting in cruelty to the helpless.