July 2nd, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Independence Day 2019

When Mike vents about how unfair it is that Liz gets to do something fun that she likes as a 'reward' while he gets his summer taken away, Gordon makes a rather obvious joke that compares Mike to an inanimate object.

Panel 1: A short while later, we find Mike reminding us why he's in the mess he's in now when he reacts to John's decision to get him a job by throwing a tantrum in Gordon's presence. He glosses over the fact that one millisecond after remembering that he stupidly locked himself out, he turned into a violent lunatic trying to break into the house and straight up murder Liz for asking him to be polite so he can rant about how unfair it is that she gets to have an enjoyable summer at day camp doing fun activities like swimming, painting pictures and being called a stupid, selfish monster faking tears because she wants to trick her poooor mother into buying eyeglasses in bulk while he has to work. As he does so, he takes out his disproportionate rage on a soda can.

Panel 2: When Gordon asks what kind of summer job, Mike doesn't know yet. His dad said that if he can't come up with a job himself, he'll find one for him. This means that John will have to find a job for Mike because having to make a decision for himself means that noooooooooobody loves him.

Panel 3: It is very likely that Lynn was trying to decide if she should risk a joke about government work when Mike says that he'll "look" for a job, all right. One wherein he can soak up the rays and do the absolutely nothing that he wants to do all the damned time.

Panel 4: As they pass by someone's front lawn, Gordon makes a wise-ass remark about how much he could make as a lawn ornament.

Summary: To be fair to Mike, he actually would have had to see diligence and pride in accomplishment for him to value it. What he gets instead are parents in name only who wail non-stop about how gainful employment is the cruellest and worst thing EVAH!!