June 27th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 29 June 2019

As I said Monday, Mike can't even get through the first half hour of Summer Vacation without doing something stupid. Said stupid thing is breaking a basement window in order to get inside and visit mayhem on Liz for daring to ask him to treat her with respect. He deserves whatever punishment John and Elly inflict.

Panel 1: Since Lynn lived in the middle of nowhere and didn't have a neighbour that wasn't a fifteen minute drive away back when she wrote this, she doesn't realize that Mike standing around bellowing that Liz is dead meat and road kill would attract the attention of everyone within a two block radius and thus end the situation as the constabulary respond to a domestic dispute and tell a scruffy little piece of shit to act like a man instead of a spoiled brat.

Panel 2: Lawrence goes back to being human garbage by pointing out the the rec room window is ajar. That way, he can sneak in and watch something "fun" and "ever neat" that has nothing to do with his goading Mike: a near-psychotic brute beating a slip of a girl into a whimpering heap for a horrible and stupid reason.

Panel 3: We next see them try to pry it open with a rake. As Mike says, it's about to come loose. There is just something that he overlooked.

Panel 4: Said thing is that prying it open with a rake is going to break it into a million itty bitty bits. As the window shatters because stupid people tried to make it do something it couldn't, Mike and Lawrence gasp in horror. This is because the sound they hear is John deciding "Hum! If he has that much energy, let's stick him behind a hot dog cart!!!"

Summary: We're about to see something even stupider than this: Mike standing around whining about how despite wanting to murder Liz because he has non-existent impulse control, he's the victim here. It's not that he's a short-tempered pea-brain who won't calm down and can't apologize. Liz is cuter than he is and she wins all the time and they love HER best because he can count to fifty but no one asks him. Surely the police and law guys would cut a poor kid a break.