June 25th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 27 June 2019

When Elizabeth proposes the common sense solution of apologizing for being a massive weeping dick, this causes Mike to get even more infuriated because, as a Patterson, he views apologizing for his actions as a humiliation from which he can never be allowed to recover.

Panel 1: Since Mike is who he is and not a sane person who learns from his mistakes, he goes back to pounding on the door like a crazy man and hollering for Liz to let him in OR ELSE!!!!!!

Panel 2: When she asks "Or else what?", Mike bellows "Or else you are history, you little...."

Panel 3: Liz unhinges her jaw so she can yell that she isn't letting him in because he called her names and can't come in until she apologizes. This is foolish and hypocritical of her because as a Patterson, she's been raised to believe that only weak people apologize.

Panel 4: Lawrence loses even more respect in my eyes when he says "Come on, Mike! Say you're sorry" in a mocking tone of voice. This is because Mike being even MORE enraged because Liz dared to ask him to apologize is not a joke. It's a horrifying reminder that we're dealing with an angry moron who can't allow himself to feel empathy.

Summary: We're starting to learn why Mike never learns from his mistakes and is on his way to being punished for yet another failure to control himself: he's too blasted angry to understand what social norms are ven if he had parents who cared enough to demonstrate what they are. We see a mediocrity escalating a minor inconvenience into more trouble than is needed. He clearly appears to see himself as the victim of impossible demands.