June 14th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Father's Day 2019

Since Elly is the heavy in today's Father's Day strip, I should think that we're seeing a Little Lindy Show that highlights the Electra complex that also undergirds Deanna's need to punish Mira for "neutering" Mer....Wilf.

Panel 1: We start things off with Liz holding a tube of lipstick inadequately kept out of reach by her idiot mother.

Panel 2: She puts on the lipstick like she sees Mommy doing all the time.

Panel 3: Achievement Unlocked: "Lips Of Loveliness" GET!!

Panel 4: For some reason, we find Liz kissing a large piece of paper.

Panel 5: Since she's kissed off all the lipstick, she reapplies it.

Panel 6: She kisses the piece of paper again.

Panel 7: It would appear that Elly has either finally come home from a busy three hours at Connie's talking about how much supervision children need or finished all the paperwork the real librarians don't want to do because there she is, holding the lipstick and yelling Liz's name.

Panel 8: Since Elly has forgotten what day it is (because it's just a greeting card holiday and not a binding obligation like Mother's Day), she glowers at Liz while holding the lipstick in her hands. Liz states that she was making kisses.

Panel 9: Since Elly is only affectionate when she's bombed out of her skull, she demands to know why.

Panel 10: When Liz folds the paper to reveal it to be a home-made Father's Day card for John and explains "They're for Daddy!", Elly is, as always, gobsmacked.

Summary: This is mildly syrupy and silly on its own. The problem is that it's not on its own. It's accompanied by a whole lot of crap that makes it look as if Liz is trying to flirt with her father. Hell, she married Anthony because he was like John enough so she could mate with her Daddy by proxy!!