June 5th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 7 June 2019

We spend today in the optometrist's waiting room watching Elly be too busy reading to notice that Liz is out of her mind with worry about having to wear eyeglasses.

Panel 1: A day or so later, we find ourselves at the optician's office watching Elly and Liz read magazines. As they do so, Liz asks herself "How long will the examination take? Will it hurt? What if there's really something wrong with me?"

Panel 2: Her very quiet freak-out continues when she gets all goggle-eyed about the following 'horrible' prospects: "What if the doctor says if she does need glasses?", "Will she look stupid?" and "Will her friends laugh at her?"

This last concern is something I will cover next Saturday. The second concern is rather moot because we know that there's someone at home who doesn't ever wanna admit that she has feelings that can be hurt because if she does, he's a God-damned fucking bully attacking someone defenceless for a shit-stupid and selfish reason called "being a greedy prick with no soul."

Panel 3: We're about to see that Mike has comes by being an insensitive clod honestly when the optician tells Elly that they're ready for Liz and asks if she's worried. Since Elly's head was up her ass the whole time, she didn't see Liz squirming in her seat and says "Not at all"

Panel 4: Dumbass Elly doesn't notice that Liz is about to piss herself in terror and is gnawing on the magazine to keep from screaming in blind terror and chirps that she's been too busy reading to think about it.

Summary: Elly goes right on never noticing that boy, does Liz ever hate the idea of having to wear eyeglasses. The only time she can be stirred to react is when she stands there bellowing like a motherfucking lunatic bitch about how an accident really means that her selfish monster child wants to bankrupt the family. No wonder her male Mini-Me Mike is a drooling sack of pus who only cares about himself! It's genetic.
Snarky Candiru2

There's always room for Jell-O: Official.

The latest news article is all about a favourite dessert of Lynn's and how to make it. As one could expect, taste takes a back seat to sliding down the gullet right quick like owing to the depressing reality that is Lynn more than likely having a difficult time swallowing things. As a person gets older, this becomes a thing.

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If what I fear about Lynn is correct, the next recipe will be "how to spice up instant potatoes by using soup stock."