June 3rd, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Today, we get another episode of the Little Lindy show in which Liz confuses being called out on being a crappy, inattentive student who would do better if she bothered applying herself with being the victim of an antihuman monster.

Panel 1: The next day (after her assignment gets marked with a big red F for being far, far less than Liz is capable of), we find Elly telling Liz that the note she's holding is the second one Mrs Wellsley wrote this week about her not paying attention in class. Liz actively denies this because of course she does.

Panel 2: Wellsley has finally managed to catch something John and Elly should have noticed quite some time ago if you ask me: Liz misspells clearly printed words and cannot follow along in her textbooks.

Panel 3: Since Nizzie LITTLE!!!, she assumes that an accurate assessment of someone who can't cut it means that Mrs Wellseley is picking on her because she doesn't like her. Elly makes the same mistake Mrs Ridgway did years ago and tries talking sense into a defiant pea-brain with an allergy to accountability and says that the letter means that Liz's teacher is a warm, caring person who wants the best for her.

Panel 4: Liz proves the point I keep making about how Liz is the most accurate portrait possible of what Lindy Ridgway was like growing up by sullenly thought-bubbling that it means she's a fink.

Summary: It doesn't take much effort to come to the conclusion that any comments Lynn might make will have her skirt around her being a pain in the ass who resented teachers who asked her to leave her fantasy capsule.