May 29th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 31 May 2019

We come to the home stretch of the arc with John not being able to understand Elly's passive-aggressive comment about how he should find somewhere that isn't her laundry room to put his toys.

Panel 1: Now that he's finally got his layout set up, John shows it off to Elly and asks her what she thinks. Her response should be to ask where the laundry hampers and baskets are but since someone else does that, Elly calls them laundry tubs.

Panel 2: He tells her that they're underneath the layout. All she has to do is remove the buildings and cars, pull on the rope he's holding and the whole thing will lie flat against the wall.

Panel 3: Since that's a lot like extra work and she has nooooo help and noooo time to herself (and also nooooooo room because she has a huge-ass pile of stuff that she's never going to mend despite promising to get right on that and also, he can't possibly throw away all of that old wrapping paper that she's been saving since they moved there), she makes a passive-aggressive comment about how he should find that to be a little bit inconvenient.

Panel 4: Since he doesn't realize he's been told to dismantle the whole thing and put it somewhere out of her way, he confidently says that he's got all the space he needs.

Summary: Any sort of honest Lynn's Comments would tell us that no matter how big the property Lynn happens to occupy at any given time, there isn't enough room for an interest that doesn't interest her. This manifests itself as him putting model trains in Elly's way and not getting that he's a bother.