May 28th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 30 May 2019

We continue on with the "John is a spoiled child who wants to get in Elly's way" premise when John is a selfish brat who won't share his toys and not an adult who doesn't want his thumb-fingered children manhandling delicate and expensive collector's items.

Panel 1: As John works on his layout, we see Liz grabbing onto a crossing sign and asking Daddy what it is because she wants to be part of the process. Since no one seems to have taught her "Look but don't touch", John tries imposing that a bit too late in life if you ask me.

Panel 2: When she grabs onto a railway crossing and asks to work it, she's told to put in down or she'll break it.

This makes John a bad man who's bad because he remembers the glass angel Mike wouldn't stop fiddling around with and how much he had to spend to replace it.

Panel 3: She gets a face full of not NOW when she wants to make a car go.

Panel 4: She turns into Lynn when she yells "Just see if I let you play wiff MY toys!!" as she goes off to get Mommy to yell at Daddy for being greedy and selfish.

Summary: This becomes something of a sinister joke when one remembers that Lynn jealously barred her children from her studio owing to their fear that they'd destroy everything and chase the muses away and so on and so forth.
Snarky Candiru2

Deep Dive Three: The New-Model Fantasy Capsule Edition.

Lynn and Steph have just released the third installment of the Deep Dive series. Today's torrent of consciousness rant contains a factual error about a potential partner meant to hide a painful and discreditable secret.....well, it's painful and discreditable to the daughter of an Orangeman who'd probably have yelled "SPEAK WHITE!!!" (which is what Canadian racists yell at people who speak French) at De Gaulle.

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1) "Moved onto better things", my ass! Typical Lynn. Can't take responsibility for nothing.

2) Lying her ass off about what genre Paul performs in is par for a very tiring course.

3) The April doll foreshadowed the doomed Farley plushie, didn't it?

4) I had not known that Lynn had been stupid and paternalistic in Africa so I learned something today.