May 24th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 26 May 2019

For some irritating reason, Elly cannot let John throw anything out despite her also wanting that something to be gone.

Panel 1: We start things out with John looking in the fridge for something to tide him over until his indigestible supper arrives.

Panel 2: Opening the freezer door horrifies him because he sees an unidentifiable black shape right on top of everything edible.

Panel 3: So intent is he on trying to determine what the black distorted mess he found is, he forgets to close the freezer door.

Panel 4: He then goes over to Elly and asks her what on Earth are the things he's holding supposed to be. She tells him "black bananas."

Panel 5: When he makes to toss the freezer-burnt mess Elly wasted away, she yells "WAIT!!!"; he then points out that they're disgusting and asks her what she's saving them for.

Panel 6: She disincentivizes eating any cake she might make in the future by saying that she's saving them for a cake she plans on making.

Panel 7: He also isn't going to drink any milk shakes she might make by saying that they're perfect for those too.

Panel 8: He hands her the banana.

Panel 9: After he saunters off to stock up on Bromo, she looks at the prize and notices something finally.

Panel 10: That 'something' is that the bananas have become a freezer-burnt mess that are only good for being composted. Since she's stupid, she tosses them in the trash.

Summary: This need to save things to the point that they go to waste and become a hindrance is not only why the big freezer is stocked with freezer-burned food that can never be eaten; it's also why there isn't enough space in the house to hold all of the used wrapping paper and bows that Elly says that she's going to use one day, honest!!!