May 21st, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 23 May 2019

When one of John's other employees suggests retail therapy to improve his mood, Jean remembers that the last time he did that, he bought a stupid impractical sports car that should never be built because it can't ferry kids, lumber and groceries and is also TOO FAST!!!!!!!!!

Panel 1: A short while later, John's receptionist (who I'll call Helen) comes in to tell him that his last patient for the day cannot make it. Jean then says that he should take off early.

Panel 2: When Jean says to take a walk through the park to cheer himself up, Helen the receptionist makes the foolish mistake of suggesting retail therapy as a miracle cure for the blues.

Panel 3: Jean is troubled by his confidently declaring this is exactly what he'll do. He'll buy himself something to cheer himself up.

Panel 4: This is because she has a memory that remembers that his last little pick-me-up was the "Hey, Ted! LOOK AT ME!!!!!" Mobile of Overcompensation.

Summary: She also remembers that John has been depicted as having a nasty habit of thinking that anything spent on making himself feel better is cleverly invested while any funds directed towards things he doesn't use much (like kitchens and such) are a pointless drain on his money. This is because we're only allowed to see Lynn's side of the argument about money that tanked her and Rod's marriage.