May 19th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

We remind ourselves that Lynn cannot imagine anyone not thinking that being forty means being old before one's time when John wails that since he feels young, it's cruel and unfair that he's forty because forty means "too old to live." 

Panel 1: As she puts something into an autoclave, John apologizes to Jean for being poor company because he's been feeling kind of down lately.

Panel 2: It's not Elly or the kids or the weather that's got him depressed. It's all him.

Panel 3: This is because he turned forty this year and for some reason, it really bothers him.

Panel 4: He loses the sympathy of anyone forty-one or older when he howls that he's too young to be forty.

Summary: Since all of Lynn's characters are her, their perception of aging shifts insanely once they turn twenty. Before that, they yearn to be seen as more grown than they actually are and afterwards, they end up like John and Elly do simpering about their lives being all used up and gone in their mid-thirties. Ten years from now, he's horror-struck by fifty pink flamingos on his lawn and Elly astonishes Connie by not wanting her fiftieth birthday marked because it's all either can to do not wail "YOU'RE CARVING MY TOMBSTOOOOOOONE!!!!!!!" when people remind them that they're over twenty.