May 14th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 16 May 2019

John doesn't quite get where the panic that drives Connie and Elly to endless motion comes from. This is odd because next week, he'll be too young to be the very old age of forty.

Panel 1: We find John stuffing food into his cheeks like a damned hamster as he watches Elly reach into the hall closet. When he asks her "Aren't you having supper with us tonight?", she explains that she and Connie are going to a lecture.

Panel 2: When he points out that she went out last night, she says "That was to a fitness class."

Panel 3: She betrays a certain attitude that needs explaining when she says at their age, it's important to keep active mentally and physically. He sets up the despairing and frantic punchline by asking her where she finds the energy.

Panel 4: As she leaves, she goes all deer in the headlights on us as she says it's not energy, it's panic.

Summary: You'll have noticed that about five years or so after Gord married Manic Pixie Dream Apron Matron Tracey, the two of them aged, oh, uh, let's say twenty to twenty five years or so overnight. This is because Lynn has a pre-war understanding of the aging process. There's an oh-so-brief flowering of beauty and vigour in one's early adulthood but not too long after marriage, one could be anywhere between twenty-five and eighty and look and talk and think much the same. This means that this woman who's not even forty is looking over her shoulder to see if the Grim Fricking Reaper is about to yell "On your left!!"