May 12th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

John makes the same mistake Elly does and tries to argue Farley into not flopping down where he's used to flopping down. It doesn't go so well because dogs don't understand what legal title to something is.

Panel 1: John gets to irritate two people for the price of one in the opening phases of his futile rant. Me because he thinks that he can deflect Farley from flopping down on the couch by explaining something to him and aprilp_katje by referring to him as "Farl".

Panel 2: Any competent dog trainer (or, for that matter, anyone with the functioning brain John ain't got) would be able to tell him that Farley only looks as if he's following along with what John is saying when he says "I own this couch and I got here first. If I'm sitting in your spot, that's too darned bad"; what's actually happening is Farley has an instinctive drive to stare at something making hostile-sounding noises to see if it's a threat.

Panel 3: John continues to not understand that Farley can't make generalizations or understand English when he says "I'm not moving so you'll have to compromise."

Panel 4: Since that couldn't possibly have worked, Farley proves it by flopping down on the obstacle that's on the warm spot. Since John sucks at understanding dogs, this pisses him off.

Summary: We have just seen another reminder of why it was stupid for John to make the statement that owning a dog would teach Mike responsibility. We're about to see why when John gets all screechy about having his privacy violated after another miserable day of having to deal with people he can't bully into submission.