May 10th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Mother's Day 2019

We celebrate Mother's Day by watching the end result of John ordering Mike and Liz to do something nice for Elly "for once".

Panel 1: We start things off with Michael trimming the hedges. Since it's Mother's Day, we've been programmed to expect his and Elizabeth's standing around slack-jawed because Elly will not pay them to do what they owe their parents.

Panel 2: We zoom out to see that Liz is standing behind him putting the clippings so they can be composted.

Panel 3: Next, we have them team up to do the mowing. As he mows the grass, she follows along with a big basket so as to put the clippings in to take to the compost pile.

Panel 4: Liz rakes the clippings together.

Panel 5: Having gathered them together in a basket, she dumps them onto the compost heap as Mike and Connie look on.

Panel 6: Connie praises them for the nice job they're doing cleaning up.

Panel 7: Liz sets up the punchline by stating that they're making the house look nice because it's MartyrMother's Day.

Panel 8: Connie makes her contribution to the group effort to paint children as unappreciative burdens by saying what a lovely idea that is.

Panel 9: When Connie is made mildly amused by Mike telling her it was John's idea, I am less surprised by this than I am by the form slamming children for not doing enough took. Usually, they want money for doing what they owe their parents for allowing them to live under their roof. This time, they got browbeaten into behaving.

Summary: Happy Martyr's Day, everyone. Prepare for a Lynn's Comments that is either self-satisfied boasting about how the shoe is on the other foot or whinging about how nothing anything anyone can do will ever be good enough.