May 8th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 10 May 2019

We come to the home stretch of the arc with Elly's sitcom blundering presenting an obstacle to her doomed pursuit of Colin because her bad dye job was not colour fast.

Panel 1: We start with a visual of Teenage Elly holding The Big Awkward Sheaf Of Loose Paper that Lynn uses to indicate that someone is a student ignorning someone with a poodle cut asking her what that red stuff on her ears is as Elly tells Connie that although it wasn't really the case, she'd convinced herself that she'd dyed her hair a vibrant red. (The reason why Elly is smiling is that she'd also conned herself into thinking that one good look at her as a red-head would make Colin forget all about the future Mrs Winch.)

Panel 2: We watch 1965 Elly zip down the street with a goofy smile on her face as 1990 Elly says that she felt sensuous and alluring and couldn't wait to meet the love of her life on his paper route.

Panel 3: When Connie asks her if he ever noticed her hair, Elly says "Eventually."

Panel 4: We get a visual image of his baffled reaction to her standing there looking horrified as the food colouring washes out of her hair and onto her clothes as the rain pours down. Present-Day explains "It rained."

I can readily understand his confusion because rain has turned the moderately cute girl who isn't really interested in him (because he's no idiot, no sir, so he'd notice if she was) has morphed into an idiot housewife in her very late thirties spending another day with her face frozen in horror because yet again, her children did something they're not supposed to do and moved around under their own power when she stopped looking at them.

Summary: Hmmm. One would think that he would tend to not take a blundering sitcom joke character like Elly Richards seriously as a love interest if this is her idea of attracting his attention. One would be as right to do so as he is to spurn the advances of a nitwit who's in love with a sensation. Tomorrow, she tells us that she made him up.