May 4th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 6 May 2019

We begin the "Love is a horrible infection that gets in the way of happiness" arc with Elly surprising Connie by telling her how weird the focus of her obsessive, stalkeresque fixation was.

Panel 1: We continue Saturday's conversation with Connie asking Elly what she remembers most about being a teenager.

Panel 2: It would appear that she remembers being 1960s Canadian Content Luann De Groot; that's because she remembers lying in her room, wondering what life was all about. She also remembers hating her hair (too mousy), her skin (too spotty) and the colour of the living room drapes.

Panel 3: What she mostly remembers is being what she believes to have been wildly, passionately and intensely in love. Connie asks "Who was he? The track star? The lead in the school play?"

Panel 4: Connie almost does a Danny Thomas spit take when Elly says "the paper boy."

Summary: Well, it takes all kinds, I guess. The problem is that Connie is wondering if Elly is telling her kids "Aim low. Aim so low, no one will care if you miss."