May 3rd, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Today, Elly loses her temper because she doesn't know to hang up the phone when she doesn't want to be interrupted only to stand around looking like a gaffed trout when it turns out that she's been robocalled.

Panel 1: We start things off watching Elly kneading a batch of pastry dough. As she does so, the phone rings.

Panel 2: She stops short because the phone continues to ring.

Panel 3: Since no one else seems to be getting the phone, Elly stops kneading the dough to answer it.

Panel 4: She smiles as she starts to clean the pastry off of her hands and she says 'Hello' to whoever (or whatever) is calling.

Panel 5: Elly is horrified because the "person" at the other introduces "herself" as Lisa and congratulates Elly on becoming part of Budge-O-Rama's home shopping jamboree. When I get a sales pitch I don't want when I'm busy, I hang up because I'm not a masochistic goof. Guess what Elly does.

Panel 6: Instead of doing what most people would do when they're busy and don't want to deal with a sales pitch and hanging up, Elly stupidly says that she's not interested. When "Lisa" says "Wait, that's not all", the conformist idiot in Elly ensures that she'll hang on to the bitter end in the name of a politeness that ends up being wasted.

Panel 7: Elly is not impressed that she's been awarded a special bonus just for answering her phone nor does she want to here more.

Panel 8: Since she hasn't quite clued into what's actually going on yet, we see Elly plead with the "person" that her hands are covered in pastry. Since the "person" does not stop "her" pitch but continues on to inform Elly that she can cash in on a wonderful offer by pressing the 9 key, it's kind of obvious to most people that Elly is pleading with a recording.

Panel 9: Having had enough, Elly bellows that she is done being polite. While she understands that the person has a job to do, she does not approve of telephone soliciation because she considers it an invasion of privacy.

Panel 10: When the voice on the other end of the line tells her "This is a recording", Elly looks very much like a deer caught in the headlights because her fury has been wasted on a mechanical contrivance. Fungus people in basements would tell her cruel things like "You're not actually obliged to accept a call you don't want" but Lynn's message is probably something like "Evil people don't care enough about Elly to have a living person harass her."

Summary: As the years go on, this sort of "Elly was born in a different age and it shows" sort of humor would become a mainstay owing to Lynn being the sort of gloomy dope who assumed that people keep changing the channel every time she's told to get with the program because they hate her so much that they not only want to confuse her and make her look ignorant and afraid, they also wanna make her look like a self-absorbed goof who thinks that everything is all about her and her revolting vanity.