April 30th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 2 May 2019

We usher in an era of Elly attempting to overcompensate for her lack of curiosity about what Mike's day to day life is like when she is mortified that while she was off complaining about how having to pay her children the least bit of attention "meant" that they were trying to boss her around, he went and got himself a girlfriend she didn't know about.

Panel 1: As Elly thanks Connie for letting her come shopping with her, her telling her that she's really enjoyed it is cut short when Connie calls her attention to something.

Panel 2: Connie and Elly recede into the background so that they can look out the window at Mike and Martha marching in the mall instead of on a moonlit mile. When Connie asks if that is Mike with a girl, Elly says that it is.

Panel 3: Connie gushes about how cute they look together and pumps Elly for information on who she is and how long they've been together. Elly asks her how she's supposed to know this.

Panel 4: After all, she's his mother!! This is supposed to mean that it's like pulling teeth to get him to say anything but, well, I know Elly too well to take that seriously.

Summary: What we're seeing here is the engine that drives all of the "Teens Are Monsters" strip that litter the comics page: the end result of years of parental stupidity and inattention being blamed on the child being insufficiently guided by lazy sucker parents. Just as Zits is propelled forward by the premise "We did nothing at all to supervise Jeremy or set any limits on his behaviour when he was small and cute and friendly but now that he's large enough for that to be a real inconvenience and thinks of as being dorks, we have to kill him!", Elly is about to blame her lack of curiosity on Mike and Martha. Looking at her throwing up her hands in defeat tells me that she probably does believe that he spent forty five minutes talking to a dial tone about nothing the last time she went KABOOM on him.