April 18th, 2019


Saturday, 20 April 2019

Today we see some of the most terrible hand drawings that ever graced a newspaper comics page.    Lynn Johnston is awful at drawing hands and she demonstrates all of her lack of skill today.

Panel 1: A little while later, Gordon reveals his big favor from Michael is for Michael to call Allyson Creemore.  I am not sure why Gordon “Hormone Attack” Mayes thinks that a call from Michael “Nerd Alert” Patterson would do better than a call from him.  After all, Gordon was the person who was nice to Allyson.  Allyson still knows Michael as the creepy guy who stalked them to the girls’ locker room. 

Panel 2: We move from roof silhouette to brick wall silhouette as we slowly progress towards a telephone.  Gordon tells Michael (and the reader who doesn’t remember the story from back in February) what Gordon’s relationship is to Allyson.  He gave her a ride home from the dance.  Unfortunately for Gordon, it is really Lynn Johnston writing this dialogue and he uses the phrase “there’s a great show on tonight” as if they were watching a program on TV and not going to a movie.

Panel 3: We move from brick wall silhouette to paned window and then Gordon says something mysterious.  He suggests that Allyson could meet them at the mall.  Come on Gordon.  You paid for this girl to be driven in a taxi from the dance and you expect her to make her own way to the mall?  If you are going to make her walk to the mall, you can at least say you would meet her at her house and walk her to and from the mall to guarantee her safety.

Panel 4: Michael hands Gordon their corded phone and gives Gordon the straight line Lynn has been building to.  Non-stop talking Gordon doesn’t know what to say.  I think I agree with Gordon here.   “there’s a great show on tonight”?  “meet us at the mall”?  Gordon really doesn’t know what to say.

Summary: The first reveal here is that Gordon had his big moment with Allyson Creemore back in February and he has not tried to talk to her since.   The second reveal is that Gordon knows nothing about the basics of dating as in asking the girl out in advance of the date and knowing what you would be doing on the date.  I’ll bet Peter Kent knows the basics of dating.