April 13th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 15 April 2019

We transition towards an extended set piece that has Gordon not get that Alyson is as hung up on Peter as he is on her when Elly goes over to Connie for coffee and confirmation bias about how teenagers are monsters we shouldn't have to tolerate.

Panel 1: A few minutes after the implied vulgar, vicious and self-serving tirade about how Mike is a monster no one should love after KABOOM, we find Elly at Connie's place making her daily complaint about how crazy Michael is making her. As she does every time she talks about her son, the fragile nitwit whines that all he does to do is say something or look at her a certain way and she explodes.

Panel 2: Connie knows what she means because she has three teenagers she's also a catastrophic failure at raising owing to an equivalent need to insist that their free-floating unhappiness really means that they yearn to boil her in oil so that they can laugh at her agony.

Panel 3: Since she speaks for all the other weak sisters who overreact brainlessly to teenage angst and surliness, Connie says that there should be a special room for incompetent idiot parents who take themselves too damned seriously and that it should have soothing walls. Elly asks if said walls would be pink.

Panel 4: Connie makes her smile by saying "Padded."

Summary: This is why Elly likes to hang out with Connie. Other people say cruel, hurtful things like "You've been screaming that he's been driving you crazy since you brought him home from the hospital, you fragile doughhead. He's not a monster....you're just a spoiled brat who thinks that everything is about you!!!"