April 11th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 13 April 2019

After being told to shut off any emotions that might cause Elly to suffer the horrible inconvenience of having to reflect on a life wasted feeling sorry for herself and behaving as if her children are trying to destroy her, Mike witlessly pushes her beyond the breaking point by correctly identifying her as an always angry killjoy who lives to berate people about their failings.

Panel 1: As Mike changes into a darker t-shirt, Elly informs him that she can't stand the moodiness, the sarcasm and the bad attitude. This, of course, means that Mike is supposed to shut off any sort of emotion that might cause Elly to be concerned about his well-being. If she doesn't have to think about what his iife is like, she digs that the most.

Panel 2: He sort of tells us where the collection got its title from when he asks if this is going to be another lecture; she says "Probably" in response.

Panel 3: Given who Elly is, one wonders if Mike has the same sort of poor memory Lynn herself has when he stupidly asks how long it's going to take. This is because he should have remembered all of the other times that she violently overreacted to minor inconveniences in order to make mutely giving way when she should actually have stood firm instead of brainlessly going along with something not in her best interests feel better. Given that she's as bug-eyed with pointless and petty rage as John was when Mike challenged his horseshit about owing his parents, a person can expect that her thought-bubbling "Long enough for me to...." to lead to something amazingly stupid.

Panel 4: Said person would both be and not be disappointed by watching Elly explode in a fit of blind rage because she is too damned stupid to know when to pick her battles. Minor inconveniences turn into flaming fits and angry screeching about horrible little girls who want their parents to buy eyeglasses in bulk while stuff that actually matters is mutely and glumly tolerated.

Summary: Monday, we have Elly whine to fellow self-righteous domestic failure Connie about how bad it is to absorb the bullshit she subjected Marian to so we can transition to having the back end of the month spent watching Gordon making a studied effort to not understand that Allyson is as hung up on Peter as he is on her.