April 10th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 12 April 2019

Michael reminds us that the reason that he and Elly don't get along especially well is that they're too similar to do so. He takes out his petty resentments on everyone around him too.

Panel 1: We start Aaron's public scraping by having Mike alarm and appall the rest of the Pattersons by wolfing down his food the way they normally do anyway. Today, they have table manners and understand what chewing is in order that Aaron might be publicly castigated for having emotions that cannot be switched off to make Lynn's life easier.

Panel 2: Next up on our agenda is Elly actually having a reason to be gobsmacked for once. That's because Mike has made a point of bopping Liz on the head because he can and also, she's been getting away with breathing HIS oxygen unopposed for far too long.

Panel 3: We come to the home stretch by having John be repulsed when he gets Farley out a chair the way Elly usually does: hollering angrily at him.

Panel 4: Since Mike is exactly like Elly in that he too lacks self-awareness or the ability to understand how he's perceived, he's the picture of baffled innocence when he asks the family he's pissed off if something's bugging them.

Summary: Tomorrow, we're reminded that his moron mother doesn't like being thought of as the person she is either when being told that she's a lecturing machine causes the angry explosion Lynn's family preferred being publicly shamed to.