April 8th, 2019

Cynical Candiru

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Elly kind of proves the point Mike was making yesterday by stating that it's "set the table or I'll get John to fucking kill you."

Panel 1: When Elly reminds Mike that it's his turn to set the table, we see him thought-bubble "Grumble, Snarl" because teenagers are monsters trying to destroy WE MOMS.

Panel 2: She reminds him that it's not much to ask because she's done the rest of the work; he responds to this by continuing to thought-bubble Angrish because of that lifetime of being told that he's a freeloader pretending to be helpless that John and Elly want to not count.

Panel 3: We get ready for some mood whiplash when she gets all syrupy about doing it for her, please, honey, honest, it's just a few minutes, just a few knives and forks.

Panel 4: When she doesn't get what she wants (a grinning robot that finds fulfillment in doing chores and homework who never, EVER feels discontent or alienation) when she wants it (right now), she bellows "OR ELSE!!!" at him.

Summary: Eleven years ago, we saw what Or Else is. Or Else pulled April away from her desk because Or Else is as afraid of his children as Elly is. Or Else spends the next sixteen years bitching about how terrible it is to be the father of a teen because Or Else sprayed a gloss of nostalgia over his past that cast him as a much better child than he actually was and can't cope with any emotional state that would make Or Else the bad guy Trash Bag Johnny always was and always will be.