April 5th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Lynn does a shout-out to friends when she has Elly explain why she's in a panicky (and ultimately unnecessary) rush to get things done.

Panel 1: We start things off with Elly typing something for work only to panic because she's just noticed something alarming.

Panel 2: She yells that it's 3 o'clock already. This means that she's drifted back into reality after another creative trance and it's blowing her mind, baby!

Panel 3: She makes a statement that's going to be really ironic when she asks herself why she can't keep better track of the time. This means that we might actually be getting a Lynn's Comments about her disappearing up her own asshole.

Panel 4: We see her at Megafoods racing down the aisle trying to break the four minute mile.

Panel 5: As she dumps the groceries on the counter, she wonders why she's so late getting started because she usually has everything done by now.

Panel 6: Her eyes are out on stalks as she peels a potato.

Panel 7: We next see her holding a pie in her hands as she rushes past Elizabeth and tells her to get out of the kitchen because she's going crazy. The look on Liz's face is meant to be confusion at anomalous behaviour but given what we've seen Elly do in both the Daily and Sundayverses, the kid is probably really wondering what Mommy is panicking about this time.

Panel 8: She hands John a table cloth and napkins and tells him to set the table NOW!!! because she has to change into her good clothes. Since he doesn't understand the reason for the panic, he asks what the rush is.

Panel 9: We can probably expect a Lynn's Comments about the Bergans and Fasts when Elly tells John what the rush is when she explains that it's already 6 o'clock and the Fasts and Bergans are coming over for dinner any second so why is he asking her why she's panicking and running around like everyone else is supposed to be.

Panel 10: When he tells her that he's not panicking because their guests aren't coming until tomorrow, Elly is aghast. How dare those people make her panic for nothing!!

Summary: Since Elly is who she is, she doesn't learn to do something stupid like "ask people what day it is" or "remember to get her facts straight before hitting Peak Stampede"; what she does is blame other people for not telling her what day it is. Tomorrow, she reminds us that she doesn't really remember being a teenager any more than John does.