April 4th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 6 April 2019

We end the week with a reminder that Elly is too addicted to feeling sorry for herself to understand that there's a middle ground between living in a big, empty house like she wants and the chaos her own stupidity and bad habits created.

Panel 1: After yet another day of shouting at people because they don't listen to her, Elly muses that sometimes, she wishes that she had her own appointment.

Panel 2: There would be no one to nag (which would take all the joy out of her life because it would deprive her of the martyrdom that gives her life meaning), no one to pick up after or worry about (which would deprive her of someone to turn into an adversary yearning to destroy her), no one's laundry or cooking to do (which means nothing because Elly would still cook to feed an army and generate piles of stuff because she doesn't know how to do laundry properly in the first place and also has OCD). Everything would stay neat and clean and in its place (which would bore the shit out of her).

Panel 3: Still, though, she'd miss John and the kids (or at least telling them to go away because she can't be bothered with their problems) and the love and chatter and companionship and daily goings on (that she doesn't want to be involved with because she'd rather not be bothered).

Panel 4: As she looks at the big pile of dishes they left her to clean because they don't want a big, long lecture about how they're just making work for her because they don't want her to rest because they don't do it exactly her way, she still wishes that she had her own apartment.

Summary: This has been another episode of "How Not To Coexist With Those Around You." Tune in next week for another installment of "How Not To Raise An Adolescent."