April 3rd, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 5 April 2019

Mike made the mistake of letting his door open so had to be exposed to three panels of Elly screaming her blasted head off because his having a messy room clearly means that yes, he does want her to die painfully in front of him so he can laugh cruelly as she begs for mercy which he denies her because children yearn to destroy their mothers and no, she isn't overreacting like a theatrical moron.

Panel 1: Rage-Faced Elly points at the impossible mess Mike made of his bed and delivers what I would assume would be Canned Lecture Seven about how she's not his slave so he'd better clean up.

Since I'm convinced that the mess we see in the strip is how Elly perceives things and not what's actually there, it's likely that he's getting a red-hot earful about living in squalor because his bed was not made ruler-straight.

Panel 2: Opening his closet to see everything in disarray enrages her more. This makes me glad that we don't know what she's saying. Also, given what Elly is, her angry screaming was probably occasioned by a coat being hung up 'wrong'.

Panel 3: Looking at his impossibly cruddy dresser drawer and acting as if she's just seen him perform a living autopsy on one of the neighbourhood cats instead of saying "Do you want ants....because this is how you get ants" like so much Archer makes me think that she's going to stroke out and die before she can start wailing about talking about day care and diaper rash.

Panel 4: As he reels from yet another angry tirade about how he's a monster no one can or should love because his room looks as if it's inhabited, Liz asks him what happened. He tells her that he made the mistake of leaving his door open.

Summary: Gee. Between being told that leaving the cap off of the toothpaste means that he 'really' wants to disembowel the mother he hates because children are born wicked and mother-hating and being told to shut off any emotions that might require Elly to act, it's kind of a mystery that Mike hates the place, innit?