March 31st, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

We continue mercilessly on with Elly nailing herself to her cross by having Liz behave as if her thoughtlessly rooting through a box of cereal to get the prize doesn't mean that she wants to destroy her poor mother and laugh cruelly as she writhes in pain.

Panel 1: Later that morning, we see Elly in her housecoat walking down the hallway barefoot.

Panel 2: As she walks into the kitchen, she's surprised as something crunches far too audibly underfoot.

Panel 3: She steadies herself on a counter and lifts up one foot to inspect it and finds that some granular substance is either sticking to her foot or become embedded within it.

Panel 4: We next find her looking all gobsmacked as Liz shows off the smiley-face button she got after she rooted around a cereal box and spilled everything all over the floor.

Knowing Elly the way I do, we can expect that a Panel 5 would have depicted her as being all rage-faced as she unhinged her jaw and bellowed at full bore at the wicked, cruel child who wasted cereal to prove that she wants to destroy her poor mother. The alternative is admitting that Liz and Mike are kind of stupid and she'd rather not admit that she's raising two people who could (as the Brits might say) idiot for Canada.