March 29th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 31 March 2019

John is almost a thoughtful husband today. That's because while he went to all of the trouble to set the coffee maker to automatic, he forgot to put the carafe underneath the basket of the coffee maker thereby guaranteeing a mess for Elly to clean up.

Panel 1: It's early on yet another weekend morning so we find John and Elly in bed; it must be close to the hour in which they'd actually wake up without the alarm clock blaring in their ears because John is starting to awaken.

Panel 2: He smiles as he asks Elly if she's awake yet.

Panel 3: He sniffs the air and asks her to smell it along with him because there's nothing like the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning.

Panel 4: He gets sort of affectionate as he explains that last night, he got up, filled the Brewmaster and set it for eight thirty just for her.

Panel 5: Just after she says "You're so sweet" and makes to kiss him, he's alarmed by a knock on their bedroom door.

Panel 6: When Elizabeth says "Hi" to them, John asks her what she's doing there.

Panel 7: What she's doing there is asking him if he set the coffee maker on automatic. He says yes and asks why she's asking.

Panel 8: She then describes how the coffee maker works when she says " know how you put the water in and it gets heated and goes up and goes through the filter and the coffee goes down and drips out through the little whole in the bottom of the thing?"

Panel 9: Since being told how a coffee maker works bores John because he already knows that, he asks her what she wants to know because he doesn't understand that she left out a detail for a reason.

Panel 10: Said reason is to horrify them by asking him "Aren't you supposed to put the pot underneath it?"

Summary: When this first ran, part of me suspected that she simply passively watched it flood because she doesn't know to intercede when stuff like that happens. The other part said that she was awakened by the smell of coffee splashing all over everywhere. All of me thinks that Elly believes that he 'forgot' on purpose to ruin her life.